<![CDATA[Art and Design by Angela Hobbs - Blog]]>Fri, 16 Nov 2018 16:31:52 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[Why Did Our Project Stall, and what's next?]]>Fri, 16 Nov 2018 18:20:47 GMThttp://angelahobbs.design/blog/why-did-our-project-stall-and-whats-nextAs many of you know, I started a project last April, and I still have full intention of going forward with the forum project at some point soon. I must spend time in the forum I have described in the explanation below, which is also partially a review of the platform as it stands now. Mind you my review is only amoung hundreds of other unhappy loyal customers to this service. Following is part of the review, and also in part, the reason there will be no renewal.

The catch 22 changes they recently made has everyone who has used their services loyally like myself for the last 12 years, in a bind and a trap.… just like ning and many others, they have gotton greedy… and free forums no longer have the ability to purchase only the extras they need, but are now forced to buy a very expensive pack, especially if your in the US, just to get the basic things you could get before for a reasonable cost…. I call this kind of thing a strongarm tactic. For instance....

I built a forum in March based on everything I have been working with here for the last 12 years.... I bought the domain name, SSL, no ads, and remove copyrights... all for a new professional looking forum based on teaching, and NO REVENUE to be made here, so it's not like we were charging for anything, and it was all out our own pockets..... and based on the fact that I could have all this renewed the coming year.... Mind you this was not cheap in the first place, but affordable....

Then only one week after I put out the money, AND extensive paid promotion to get members etc..... I find out that in order to renew any of the services I now have, I must purchase a very expensive package costing me well over 120 in US money, just to have the basic things I wanted.... You are now forced to basically buy it all or none, and free does not cut it anymore, especially since you can no longer buy the basics for your forums...... I have hosting that I host 4 stores, a directory, and a website from, and it only cost me 70 bucks a year.... whats up with that! This has forced me to do an about turn with the original plan and we have pretty much had to abandon the project we paid for, for another direction...
Plus altho you can do some coding etc on the platform, it's no cpanel, so why the heck would I pay them such an outragous price for a quarter of what I get for less than that with custom cpanel, installer, unlimited traffic and space etc.... why would I!.

OK, the above was talking about why the projects at "creativedigidiva dot net" stalled. Now I will say, that the expiration of all I paid for will be around March/April of 2019. I am directing all my links that I find, as I find them, to the UNMASKED url which is http:creativedigidiva.forumotion.com as this will "hopefully" begin working like normal after what I paid for expires. 

Altho I also personally use external blogs and platforms to viralize my posts, my intention is to continue to use the platform above (unless some other drastic change is made on thier part) as a base for others to meet, teach, share, etc. That part has not changed, even tho the internet and many businesses and services this year have. Some, due to the internet changes and other factors, have had to completely close up shop, I was sad to see so many go this year, but I refuse to let the greed of some, stop me in my tracks. For someone like me, it is only a reason to take a different road to get to the same destination.

So in the meantime, I would still encourage, and love anyone reading about the project to join the above forum, and throw in your suggestions, and awesome knowledge to share.

You can also comment to me here on the blog.

Just for the record, the domain that will NOT be renewed is "creativedigidiva dot net" but my http://creativedigidiva.com domain will always direct you to my main website and will continue to be renewed indefinately!
<![CDATA[New Bundle & New Freebie]]>Sat, 13 Oct 2018 00:40:23 GMThttp://angelahobbs.design/blog/new-bundle-new-freebieIn case some of you did not know, we are in the middle of a 65% Off Celebration Sale at the
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<![CDATA[It's About Time Lord Sale]]>Wed, 03 Oct 2018 22:31:29 GMThttp://angelahobbs.design/blog/its-about-time-lord-sale​Celebrating Thirteen Days of Doctor Who - It's About Time Lord Sale

Everyone that knows me even just a little bit, knows I am an avid Doctor Who fan. 
We have an event this weekend, the first female Time Lord Doctor!

For fans of the show this is a super fantastic event. Not only have fans been waiting almost a year for a new season of the series, but also the excitiment of having not only a new Docotr, but  female one to boot, well the anticipation and excitement is just overwhelming.

The BBC has been giving fans a present of a 13 day marathon of all the last 4 Doctors, so I thought I would celebrate by giving you a sale of my own.

Celebrating Thirteen Days of Doctor Who  
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