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NOTICE:Yep, it isn't even going away, it is just plain GONE!!

I do have some things in the works that will be of liking to all of you, but first, as usual, there are flies in the ointment, (or wrenches in the works, which ever you relate to) this time coming from places like Google. It just seems like the start of last year, things just really started changing and not so much for the better.

Without even trying to remember who what and when, (my brain is already too full of these frustrations) at least 4, but I am sure there were more, sites I used and relied on frequently, either jacked up thier prices outrageously, and in some cases laughably considering what they were offering for what was once free or practical in cost, some changed polocies in such a way, they were no longer feasible to use for the "common" internet user, and some just literally went away, gone bye bye!!!

Anyway, I am sure most of you already know, that pretty much everything we artists rely on ( and other folk too) from Google to run sufficient blogs and push our content is already gone. If you look at your blogs today, you will notice, (or not notice in this case) that G+ button is gone, your Google+ Followers box is gone (sadly I had about 200 followers on mine, and only about 12 on Bloggers app, because no one was really using blogger follow as much as google) and so are a few other things that were Google+ connected.

NOTICE June 14: The following sections have been updated with new links and info.

SO... I am asking really nicely, and hoping all that see this, will follow me on my store blogs, and I will also be (hopefully) pushing this thru Google+ one last time , if they let me, and I guess that will be that as they say.

So I hope to see many if not all of you begin showing up on my Blog follows or mailing list. I have a new store this year, where I create and sell planners, journals, coloring books and much more, plus my graphics store for gorgeous graphics. (at the moment I have suspended any sales from my Retro Vintage and POD shops due to Covid)

You can find the graphics store plus links to a bunch of other shops I sell in here:

the new store for planners is located here

Both blogs are connected to one of my mailing lists also, so if you are on either list, you are getting notices when one or the other blog posts. New products and designs loaded to the 2 stores, also triggers the feeds to the mailers (MailChimp)

Alternatively, you can follow my .com Wordpress blog here:
I post freebies there also, as well as informative articles, and tutorials, and more, most articles are different what is posted on the store blogs. This blog also triggers the mailer, so if you are following it on WP, you will aslo get it in your email too.

One last thing, I have an awesome piece of software to turn you on to. It is entirely free, and my friend Andie has made it and is giving it away free. I am already using it and it works great, very small and unintrusive (5 mg).
Hop on over to this page on my software shop, and grab the link to download it. No signup, just go to the link on that page, and hit the download button, works for MS OS 7 thru 10..

You can either go to my software blog and read the entire description first so you understand better how this can benefit you and your business, and your art. I give you ideas even Andie has not thought of yet.

or go directly to Andies download page for the link.

Either way, it is free, and once you get the idea of what you can do with this little cutie software, You WILL thank me (wink wink)
<![CDATA[Romance is in the Air! and Phase 1 Update]]>Fri, 25 Jan 2019 22:33:21 GMThttp://angelahobbs.design/blog/romance-is-in-the-air-and-phase-1-updateFor those of you who did not see this update yet, this is the text version. Go to the store to see the images. ....

I have spent the better part of yesterday remodeling, re-arranging and cleaning up my store,
and have done a 90% price adjustment to the entire store, as well as deemed several previously PTU kits Free now.
Many of these freebies are just in time for Valentines Day, as they are all about the romance  

Among what I did was also move many more items to the bargain bin and retiring bin, as well as make the few
leftover kits from my 2 resellers packs drastically reduced in price, until the last few are gone.
My reseller licence is included in these kits, (a 50 dollar value) use for any of my resale items to resell the kits with new cover work, or sell my cu4cu, s4h, s4o products as commercial use to your customers within a kit you make. You can not use it on any items marked personal use tho.

If you do see anything you love in these last formentioned areas, please do grab them when you can afford them, because I will be doing another “clean up” in another week or 2, and some of those items will disappear from the store forever to create space for my new releases.
This also include some or most of the freebies, which may or may get reloaded as direct downloads, or may be posted elsewhere, or just may go to the place all scrap goes to rest lol… in any case the old saying is, if you like it, buy it, as it may not be there tomorrow!
I beleive I mentioned to my newsletter folks, that my direction is changing, or in some cases reverting back to my old ways lol.
Meaning, more art for walls, home, and clothing, which also includes more art in the form of patterns and graphics for you to use in your POD, Heritage, or general scrapbooking needs.

I will make smaller commercial use element kits from time to time, anywhere from from 6 to 10 pieces or so at reasonable prices, but I will also be concentrating on journals, cards, and heritage designers and hobbiests, so I will be creating at least one or two kits per month that are themed to the seasons and month of the calendar year. These will be bundles including elements, journal cards, QPs, clusters, labels, papers, overlays, and much more. Of course each kit will be different.
I will also begin implementing a new logo along with or in place of the DSC logo, to depict the newer designs and graphics, from the old ones, using my design name

There have been a few changes/additions to the overall look and feel of the site, as to make it a little more accomodating and easier to know where you are. The blog and other pages are the opposite of what the store pages now look like, so you know if you are on the product catalog, or blog etc. There are also several things on sale which you will see randomly that and other suggestions in the sidebars, and a handy link under the product categories that will open the index to all the categories so you don’t have to use the dropdown, but enough talking, you all can start with the freebies section 
Just so you know, since these were previously PTU items, you need to put them in a cart like a normal sale, some of the other freebies in the store marked Account Freebies are previous PTU’s, and items in the Direct Downloads category are no login downloads. Have fun!

<![CDATA[30% Off the New My Memories Software]]>Tue, 08 Jan 2019 18:42:14 GMThttp://angelahobbs.design/blog/30-off-the-new-my-memories-softwareIf you have been wanting to really delve into the world of scrapbooking and cardmaking, now is your chance! Get the new award winning software in it's new release for 30% off thru January 31st.

I know many of you have wished you could use spftware like photoshop but as many do, find it too expensive, and even confusing to use. My Memories software is so easy, you will wonder why you waited so long. At 39.95, and 30% off, you can't afford not to treat yourself with this fantastic gift!

At a whopping 12 dollars off, ($28) you can have the best and easiest software on the market! 

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Happy Scrapbooking!