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Happy Scrapbooking!

<![CDATA[HAPPY NEW YEAR BONUS]]>Thu, 27 Dec 2018 22:56:24 GMThttp://angelahobbs.design/blog/happy-new-year-bonusWell, here we are again, another years end, and what a year it has been. So many things have come about and passed, both good and bad.
I know many of you have had a rough time this year, what with family and real life problems, and of course I was no excepton.
Here is hoping the next one tops the better side of the scale!

This year has also made me reconsider many aspects of the digital world. Upon much thought and retrospect I have decided to go back somewhat to my roots, which consisted partially of creating art for walls and home items, as well as clothing. Some of this can not be done digitally, as I will be attempting very hard to sort and organise 40 thousand dollars worth of European designer fabrics and notions from my Los Angeles store and once again creating physical art and clothing for the real world. I intend to start smaller again, creating and making such things as veils, hair ornaments, and other interesting wearables, and of course everything I will create will be different from one another, so they will all be one of a kind <3

I am not leaving the digital world completely of course, that would just be silly lol. There are a few characters I have run into in this world that I am sure the whole of us could do without, just a few mind you, I have run in to, or been warned about. One in particular I am told would like to see every designer and every store but hers be out of the game, but that isn't going to happen, so I assume she will find out soon enough that her back stabbing of other designers, her jealosy and bullying of others, will get taken care of by her own Karma, so be it. Enough of that! I can't mention negative folks like the previously mentioned, without giving kudos, and thanks to just a few lovely people, (Lou aka DesignsbyLou, Sue aka DownUnderScraps, Bev aka HorsePlaysPasture, Brenda aka DitzBitz, Penny aka The Alchemist, Mozzie former CreativeTeam) and there are more of you, if I missed you, please forgive me, but know I appreciate you.

Many of you know that I was a traveling professional entertainer and musician in my lifetime. What most of you don't know is that before I became obsessed with music, I actaully had won a scholarship to an art school. I was an artist with real paint and pastels before I hit the road. Music was more of a passion at the time, and I don't regret that. I got to travel to many places, and half the world, no comparison!!

Even tho I have become addicted to digital graphics, and will still be creating much of it digitally, my paints, pencils, sketch books, and several canvases, have been ready and waiting for me to come back round. So I will be taking a trip back into the more traditional way of creating art. I will also be creating more papers, and scenes for CU use instead of tagger kits. Elements will be fewer in the packs, but better quality, and unique. This is another reason I have decided to change directions away from tagger kits, and similiar endeavors, it all just simply seems to be the same. The same elements, and posers etc, over and over again. It has gotton to the point in many cases where copyright of some of these kits just seems downright silly, since the original elements etc, have been reproduced over many times, or resold so many times you can't even know who created them originally anymore, because they all look the same.. I swear I can no longer go to any stores where I don't find the same packs, some are actually in the same store by different manufacturers... crazy! The tagging market has just gotton too saturated, and I for one, have decided to focus on creating less, (following no trends!) but creating better quality commercial use graphics for artists and designers, including other shops I work with (CUP, Creativefabrica, TPT, etc). The bottom line is, I will be once again creating ART! and I hope you will like what I will be doing next year.

As I promised in the newsletter I sent (subscribe to get past issues) there was going to be another freebie here, with a password, intended to intice you to come read this post. If you are reading this but can not download the freebie, the password is in the newsletter only! You can still subscribe, and get it in the "past" newsletter area.

If you have the password, the download is below:


ALLONS-Y into the new year!
<![CDATA[12 Days of Christmas Freebies]]>Sat, 15 Dec 2018 02:06:25 GMThttp://angelahobbs.design/blog/12-days-of-christmas-freebiesHello everyone,
I know I am a little late today, but I promised you all there would be a few more freebies and gifts before we got to Christmas. First let me say, I am loving this new subscription to linky tools, as it lets me do so many cool things, like make up a 12 day freebies calendar. I wish I had thought of this with the advent calendar, next year I will probably create this way.

Anyhow, here we go. In order to get all 12, you have to visit this blog post everyday for the next 12 days. I will be adding a new freebie link each day.  Just click the link and there you go. Don't forget to come back tomorrow around the same time.